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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Our Blueberry...24 weeks

 I will save you the breath and say it for you......HOLY COW SHE IS HUGE!  Yes...I know...look at me in all my pregnant goodness...I tried to warn all of you that...I'm bringing sexy back!

I do however swear on the Holy Bible that there is only 1 baby in here...and I am sure this will be the world's first 30 pound newborn...thank you c-section!

But even though I am HUMODEOUS..I actually feel pretty good..considering the usual back pain and fatigue....which is TOTALLY trumped my the mere thought of holding Cruz in my arms...and his constant kicking of my belly he spoils me with!

I'm in love with these skinny jeans that thanks to me amazing maternity suspenders (hooooollllla) they stay on perfectly well with no saggy booty!  And so far every top (if you can believe this) that I wear is not maternity...and you must be loving my chic bun...oh likey the frizzy bun?  ok..well it's because tomorrow MAMA is getting a haircut...a much needed haircut...I hope I have the courage for something CRAZY!


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