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Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Style Bandit: The best accessory

2 weeks after Johnny I slipped into size 5 jeans which back then was big for me...CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT...shhesh!!!
After Bella...things were a bit different...I gained a let's say double digit kinda weight and it stayed there for a while.
I finally decided that I could no longer live in a body that did not feel like my own...and so I vowed to become a of those crazy runners that actually look forward to their runs (yuck) happened...I did become a "runner" and I did look forward to my runs...and the gym...and my soccer games...I loved it all...and sooner then I knew it...I lost 55 pounds...was back to my body that felt right...I was in the best shape of my life...and becoming a gym was easy.
I had two more babies...hahaha.
Both my pregnancies with Mateo and Cruz I gained very little weight and having them so close I thought for sure my body would take revenge on me with a hefty weight gain...but thank goodness it didn't.  Where I struggle now is finding the time to exercise...but I know now after a few cranky nights where I complained to my poor husband that I wanted my workout mojo is VERY IMPORTANT to make time for spirit...and my mind!
So my wonderful hubby and I got to work...and converted the garage to my own lil gym....and now after a couple of challenging weeks...I feel like I finally have my workout mojo back!!!
I have more energy...and look forward to MY time.
Because...after all....the BEST accessory to any outfit is...not the "PERFECT" body....but the perfect body for yourself.
Feeling happy and confident in your own skin is the best thing you can start any outfit with.  This can be a beautiful and full figured body...a long and lean body....or short and petite (!

At the end of the you feel inside is what will radiate and shine most.

 I ran like my Gym Rat days...and it felt AMAZING!!!!!
 Cruz in the oven...
Cruz out and well baked.


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