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Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Roundup: Springtime Prep

Spring is here....and along with the beautiful buds blooming in the backyard we also have our spring to dos...and we tackled a few this weekend.
It was a nice relaxing..and after the 1200 miles I drove last weekend...there was very little driving around this weekend!!!

 Jamas and I continue to enjoy our sushi dates...and by sushi dates I mean take out sushi on our bed in our pjs with a good movie and four sleeping babies in their beds...because THIS IS HOW WE ROLL!
 Saturday morning we decided to get a lil thrifting on...and we had a vintage bike on the brain..because mama needed a new bike...and I was itching for a vintage one...and we found it! still my beating heart...we found a adorable vintage school desk!!!
 Cruz didn't mind at all
 Then it was off to our home away from home...this weekend DIY was our garden.
 And while these two played.....
 These two worked...ISH....
 More like we all watched this guy work....
we (he) planted:
heirloom tomatoes
sweet corn

 Bella loved the desk.....and we spent a good while trying to decide where and what to do with it...or if I even am going to keep it? (I searched the value and it turns out it's like bonkers worth more than we paid! hmmmmm!
 The boys had fun on this lil dolphin...
 And I ran like my old Pre Mateo felt amazing...and I think I finally have my running groove back!!!
And finally we had a great spring cleaning sesh....which I LOVE...cleaned the shnike out of the wonderful hubby took care of the bathrooms...and I later found this!


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