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Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Roundup...Bella's Back Edition

Our weekend started off AMAZING...because our Bella came back home from Science Camp and we were all waiting and excited!  We planned a relaxing and fun weekend filled with mostly snuggling and spoiling our lil Bella Bear.

 Her Papa Bear made sure to have a California Roll waiting for her...
 Cruz was so happy to be back in her arms!
 Mateo was so happy...and literally walked around telling everyone "Bella is Home"!
Excited?  You think?
 My hubby and I snuck away to the comforts of our kitchen for a lil date....
 Our IBerts finally arrived and we didn't wait one second...and my dream of a family bike ride came true...the only damper was Johnny had band practice and Bella had a date with Big John to the movies...but we already have the next ride planned for the entire brood.
 Both Mateo and Cruz LOVED it!!!  Cruz even started nodding off at the very end!
 And....look what this adorable toothless wonder decided to do....
 And since he has been such a show off with his big boy tricks...we broke out the tunnel and he loved it!
 Cruz LOVES when Bella sings to him....and she made up for lost time!!!!!
 Johnny promised Bella some of his Fancy pants milk shakes and he came through...
 This hunk worked on his prized garden....
 And later he spoiled us and took us out for Sidecar Doughnuts and Keane Coffee...both in Costa Mesa...and both will leave you in a trance!!!
 Blueberry...Chocolate...Guava...Coffee Cake....Glazed...and Maple Bacon
 And what would our weekend be without a DIY and a visit to our home away from home?

Have a Blessed Week!


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