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Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Style Bandit: My Hair Shenanigens Edition

Let me start off by saying sorry for the skip yesterday...I had a AMAZING recipe to share with family's favorite...BY FAR....but my hubby wanted to watch The hobbit and so I had to choose between snuggling with my hubby or blogging....guess which one I chose...and it was an EASY choice.
I will share the recipe next week...promise...unless he brings another great movie again! :)

Being 100% Costa Rican does mean I am dealt the very hairy hand of having a BIG and FRO-ish mane of hair.
Some might like it...but let me tell you it is a part time jog maintaining this thang!
But upon some requests I will share a couple of tips...including one that might shock you.

1) I wash my hair only twice a week...I know...I know...yuck...but not hair does not get oily...and as I mentioned before...just brushing this mane out is a part time job!  But honestly...washing it only twice a week makes for healthier hair.

2) When I do wash my hair I usually let it air dry (which takes about 8 hours to fully dry...I AM NOT KIDDING)!  But when I do blow dry it...I apply a heat protector.

3) I use only a wide tooth comb to prevent splitting and pulling hair out.

4) I use products that have been reliable for over 15 years:
And some new favorites are:
Moroccan Oil
Coconut Oil
Dove Therapy
And FINALLY...the shocker...twice a month...I use...
HORSE SHAMPOO...since I was 15...and I swear by it!

And my favorite tool:
a ceramic 1 1/2 inch curling iron to smooth out my hair.

That's it!

Hope it helps..


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