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Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Roundup....Being Catholic

What a blessed weekend...literally!
This weekend was chalk full of sacraments for our family...all we were missing was a wedding!
On Saturday we celebrated our sweet baby Cruz and his baptism.
Friends and family came out to help us celebrate and we couldn't be happier.
Our great friends Dolores and Jojo became the godparents...and we are now forever family.

 Cruz and all of our kids have always really taken to the Virgos...but this weekend...I literally saw the moment where Cruz just fell in love with Dolores and was beautiful!
 So honored to call them family!
 The great moment....Dolores and Jojo chose Francis as Cruz's saint name...
 On Sunday we were set to celebrate Johnny and Bella's First communion...we had a nice relaxing morning...I helped Bella get ready...and My Jamas took care of Johnny...
 I was so happy that they were able to have their ceremony together....
 This is Bella's teacher...she is so cute...and was so proud!
 My Shelly was a lifesaver and a great help with Cruz...she snuggled Cruz to sleep...and I was able to snap this adorable shot!!!!
 We rushed over to our home right after were we hosted a vintage Mexican party to CELEBRATE the weekend!
 Picnic Style...
 My Loves...
 My Gals...
 Bella and her BFF....
 By this point Cruz and Jojo were joined at the hip...
 The decor came out exactly as I envisioned...but as always I was too bust to properly capture it!  I made this yarn pom pom garland and even though I spent HOURS making looked so good up...and I just plan to leave it up.
 We hired the Taco Guy...and even though he was the slowest man on was pretty tasty...and it made my day a lot easier!!!!!
 These canvas were by far my favorite decor...I blew up the prints to an engineer size and mounted them on canvas...I then made these cute lil banners to give it a fun pop of color.  I made of Cruz and his of Johnny and Bella and this one of the four of them.
 Our Happy Girl.....
 The house was full of loved ones....

 And these two awesome kids were so sweet to give up their birthday weekend...I made sure to make them their own cake to celebrate them as well!!!!
The cousins....together for the first time...EVER!!! 
(Cruz was napping) of the greatest moments of the weekend came when during Sundays ceremony....our Priest began to tell us of his trip to Rome where he met our new Pope Francis...he proceeded to tell us that he waited over 3 hours to meet him and when he did he had a couple of rosaries blessed by him....and then he surprised everyone when he told us that very moment he would be awarding them to some kids that participated and correctly answered some questions about the mass...Our Bella raised her hand...he picked her....and she got one!!!!!!  She walked out of that church wearing a rosary BLESSED by POPE FRANCIS!!!!!!!! So amazing...she is super excited and wants me to shadow box it!!!

This weekend reminded me so much about how blessed we are to have so many people that love our kids...that genuinely care about them and were happy to witness their ceremonies!  A huge thank you to them all!!!!


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