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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Knocking them off like crazy....

July 12 and we have knocked quite a few things off our summer list AND actually added a few amazing ones like...JOHNNY'S NACHO LIBRE 13TH BIRTHDAY PARTY...did you hear what I just said THIRTEEN....I AM GOING TO HAVE A TEENAGER!!!!!! It seems like just yesterday that I was taking my baby boo to our Mommy and Me classes and all of the moms would say "Oh how nice Big Sister bringing him to class"! and I would reply "No..I am mommy" and they would LITERALLY roll their eyes...oh well sorry ladies...I was put on this earth to be a mommy ASAP..hehehe (lil side note...same class where I met my lovely Sheila who was the only mommy who was nice to me...and to this day we are still very close friends...she is like family...I love the Nyguens!) Anywho...where was I?  oh yes almost 13....holy moly...let me avoid getting too emotional about my Johnny today...I will save that for July 29th!!!! heart is all a flutter because we have discovered that MR TIM BURTON  has an art exibit at the Museum of Modern Art in LA and Bella and I nearly fainted at the same time and RAN to our list to promptly add this to our summer to do's!!!!!!!  So CHEERS to an already amazing summer...with lots more fun to come!!!!!!!

Bowling with the Virgos....always a great time!!!!
Watching my BIG boy and LIL boy together at the park!!!!  I have no words!
Watching Bella DOMINATE at her swim class (no competition..hehehe)
Watching this lil guy grow at a REDUNKULOUS speed....I think it's time to retire the swing...what do you think?
Enjoying the sunset....oh yeah....and Johnny chilaxing in the spa! hehehehe

Good Night

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