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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Our 7 month old bunny...Mateo

Oh my happened....Mateo is officially mobile....WE ARE TALKING POSSIBLY WALKING AT 9 MONTHS MOBILE!!!  And, I must admit...I wasn't ready for this...both Johnny and Bella crawled at around 11 months and this new little whiper snapper decided that this month would be the month to crawl....SERIOUS?  And ontop of crawling Mateo continues to bring so much happiness to our family with every coo....mama....baba...and babble he can utter.  He has been more and more curious about the world around him...and we just are entranced watching him do this.  Bella and Johnny are amazing with him...I got really sick this past month and they literally swiped him up and cared for him so I could rest....they are so natural with careful...and so loving.  And our sweet Jamas could not be more inlove with all three of the kids.....I fall inlove with him deeper and deeper everyday watching him consumed by the love being a father has brought him.  

This month Mateo...
toots very loudly
sleeps in his new crib
watched his first firework show
camped with his brother and sister
watched his first sunset sitting on the sand
eats peas, avacados, peaches, oatmeal, carots and sweet potatoes
discovered his bookself and that its fun to throw books off it
grabs my face and plants big sloppy wet kisses (my favorite)
and...drumroll please...SCREAMING


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