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Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Rose

 My Lil Bella Rose...or as everyone has dubbed her "Mini Maria" she walks like me....she talks like me ( A LOT)...she has a rediculous laugh like me...and she loves hard like me.  When I close my eyes and think about Bella...I was think about her dancing...ALWAYS...because she literally always is...she is totally unaware of it too!  How can such a young lady have such an old soul? What I mean by that is how does she love like she has loved for years?  How does she know how to care for everyone in her life as she were their mommy?  How do her tears turn into laughs so quickly when she can hear her brother laugh?  These are all just a few things that make Our Bella Bear the happy lil cupcake that she is.  I am always in such Awe of her lil 9 year old heart being able to so beautifully survive her mommy and daddys D-word..I feared her smile being smaller...her laugh being quiter..and her dancing being life less....but as she told me..."Mommy without you and Daddy D-wording...we wouldn't have Jamas or Mateo...I understand...and I perfer you and daddy as friends."  Her words were defintley a huge part of allowing my heart to move on and fall in love with my soulmate...and ALSO continue to love Big John and forever.  I thank you my lil rose...I thank you for still being the wacky lil soul that you are! I miss you every moment you are not right by my side!

 Papa Bear does too!

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