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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lazy summer mornings....

I have always been a rushing, thinking, talking, running, idea filled kinda gal....the kind that moves so fast I am constantly falling...tripping...burning myself...and forgetting half of my ideas anyway.  Infact, one of my last clumsy moments I swore to myself I was going to SLOW DOWN...and embracing our LAZY SUMMER MORNINGS.... where all we do is snuggle, watch OLD movies, snuggle, bake, snuggle, and wait for our Papa Bear to come home.

I love these kiddos so much it hurts.....and it hurts even more when I look at the calendar and see that it's July 20th and half the summer is already over.....I wanna scream!!!!  I do feel so blessed that I was chosen to be mommy to these three kids...and I often ponder....yes thats right I said ponder (I like to ponder versus think sometimes...its just the way I roll) WHAT ARE THE BEST WAYS WE CAN LOVE OUR KIDS....and I came up with MY own personal list:
Enjoy them
Expose our imperfections to them
Explain the reasons behind our decisions to them
Exchange ideas with them
Be the happiest and healthiest ME that I can be for them
Be Present in every moment...good and bad
And...Help them believe that they can go further than they can dream.

Being a good mom to me is simple...its raising a happy child...not the best dressed...most athletic...most attractive...has best toys..greatest vacations...its watching them be anywhere with a smile on their faces and spread it around. I want to stop...slow down and watch Johnny re-string his guitar....I want to slow down and watch Bella create her new dance...I want to slow down and watch Mateo pull his socks off and try to eat them.  I want to wipe every tear off their face and listen them explain why they cry...I dont want to ask them to be quiet...I want to hear them speak some more.

I love you my 3 lil made dreams that I didnt even know I had come true!

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