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Friday, October 7, 2011


patchwork card

Ladies and Gents I am sooooo excited to announce that The Style Bandit has been accepted to be a vendor at this years Long Beach Patchwork Show!!!!!!  A big THANK YOU to La Dona Emilie Lairson who told me about this fabulous show last year and to my amazing Jamas who took me to it and helped my 9 month pregnant booty waddle through the rain to be amazed and inspired by all the awesome vendors at this show!!!!!  I applied only for the Long Beach one because of our STILL NURSING bambino...and I just didnt want to get overwhelmed with triple weekends of all shows as a vendor....BUT YOU BETTER BELIVE I WILL STILL ATTEND ALL 3!!!!  If you haven't must go...not just because yours truely will be there...BUT...because it is truely a collection of some of the best artisits out there today...I cannot say enough about this show!!!!  So I will remember to remind you all...and hope to see you all there!!!

ANd in the meantime...I hope to see you in my new favorite lil spot on Sunset Beaches lil darling Peter's Landing Farmers Market every Saturday Morning from 9am til is suppose to be BEAUTIFUL come on out!!!!!



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