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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thank you rain..thank you Mr. Z and Thank you Mrs. Gomez

The other morning nature brought us a super snuggle inducing morning of rain...I LOVE RAIN..the smell, the look, the snuggles, the feel, and especially the beauty it brings after with rainbows and crispness and clarity in the air...breath-taking!
It seriously took every ounce of my "do the right thing" to send the kids to school that morning...I just wanted to keep them home and snuggle and watch movies.

I got to chatting with my friend Krystyna and she threw out a fabulous idea...sign the kids out of school early and surprise them with a WARM pizza and movie sooner did she say that and I scooped Mr Mateo up and we braved the lil storm we had going on and picked some siblings and pizza up pronto!
In my defense..Johnny only had gym and science left...and Bella only had 45 min of short day it was PERFECTO!!!!
I love watching the rain in the pool


Happy lil Bear

The only rule is that they had to get into jammies before we started

oh yeah...did I mention this lil rascal was trying to swipe the pizza...I mean really never even tasted pizza?

But that all changed this day...

The boy was hooked!

All we needed now was Tim Burton's classic  PEE WEE's BIG ADVENTURE

Worth everything!!!!!

This is what I live for!


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