Mavens With Moustaches

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Friend for life...that's what you will always be...

I am grateful for you
I am honored to work alongside you
I am inspired by you
I am challenged by you

You drive me insane sometimes
You are often wrong and I am right
You are often right and I am wrong
Together we have raised an exceptional young man
Together we have raised an extrodinary young lady
Together we maintained their happiness through the stormiest of years we spent together
They never one knew...that we weren't meant to be
But together we got through it...braved the storm..and came out stronger than ever.

I am sorry I broke your heart
I am sorry I said no more
But I am not sorry for that moment I met have made me a better person..your family will forever be mine..and I love you all forever.

So on this day...just days away from becoming someone elses wife..I want to say to you that above anything else..I have so much respect for you, honor to you, and eternal love for you because of the father you are and have always been.


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