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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Michelle would have shanked me....

SO today was a great day...I got a lil smidgen on what it feels like to be MRS. James Bryan...we went and got our MARRIAGE LICENSE!!!! So we applied in the CUTEST building in all of Orange County...NO CONTEST...The Old Courthouse.  It looked like something out of period film.  It literally was so beautiful..I joked around asked Jamas "Should we just get married now"?  knowing how spontaneous that crazy guy is I shouldn't have even suggested it...he said "okay!:)" But there is noooooo way...Michelle, Sandra and the kids would have shanked us!!!  But...we got it...we are all set to be married this October 22 infront of the beautiful Pacific Ocean.  James kept his name..hahaha...and I will now be known as Maria Bryan...oh...but wait!!!  I changed my middle name...legally i is...Marta-Arnold...YEAH!  I did this for 2 reasons...#1 for our big, ballet, confusion wanted here...and #2 I love my ARNOLD name...I LOVE THE ARNOLDS!!!  I love John and his entire family so much that I have been honored to be an Arnold for this long...and I didn't want to see it come to an end...and I made this decision with both of John and Jamas' blessing!  I am definetly now a Bryan...and I am so honored for that....and I will be honored til the day i die!

The Beautiful Old Courthouse in Santa Ana



The only bummer I forgot my camera....sorry for the phone pics!


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  1. you forgot your camera? what kinda blogger are you?! just kidding maria. i love that you forgot your camera because it shows what was really on your mind that day. your love and not your blog:) super excited for you two!