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Tuesday, October 4, 2011's such an ugly word

If there is one word I totally disike it is HATE.  The word by definition is:feel extreme aversionfor or extreme hostility toward; detest: to hate the enemy;to hate bigotry.YUCK...isn't that awful.
So...when it comes to my darling rascals...I totally prohibit the use of this word for 3's's ignorant...and it rids you of your own power towards whatever is it you "hate" something that can enable you to have that much disdain towards??? Is it worth it? happened today...I was driving on my merry way through the crazy OC roads that I do everyday to deliver my children to theri respective extra curricular activites...WHEN ALL OF THE SUDDEN...Mr. KIIS FM announces that an Adele song was up next...being Bella and my favorite artist right now..we were stoked...the sweet music starts up...anticipating Adele's gorgeous voice and amazing lyrics...when all of the sudden this song is ravaged and tarnished with the disgusting sound of Techno Tracks...WWWHHHHHAAAAATTTTT....they flippin turned an ADELE song into a DANCE song...I seriously had to pul over and try to contain the baby barf errupting into my mouth form this discovery.

It was SAD..but TRUE!

Mr. Producer..SHAME..SHAME on you.
I forgive you Adele..please don't let this happen again...
this is going to be hypocritical of me..



Bella and I could hardly contain our baby barf after hearing the TECHNO version of Adele's Someone Like You.

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