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Monday, October 3, 2011

They get better and better...

Just when I think we had THE MOST AMAZING WEEKEND EVER...CANNOT BE TOPPED...the next one comes along and poof..ANOTHER ONE EVEN BETTER!

This weekend was no exception...we started off by celebrating our Bella Bear who was awarded STUDENT OF THE MONTH...HOLLA!  And even though Jamas and Johnny couldn't join us cause of work and school...Big John and I plus Chubby Mateo were there celebrating and cheering Bella on!!!!

Sweet face Bella

She also was awarded a certificate of excellance for her Star Testing scores which were AMAZING..thanks in large part to her phenomenal 4th grade teacher Ms. Ballard...we LOVE HER!

This is Bella performing her Student School Council duties in delivering some vital information to the entire school...brave!

Bella and her hair twin aka DIDA!!!

Love my Bear

My cute twins

Drumroll please...this is it...this is the enchanting spot Jamas and I found this weekend...where we will be getting married.  This beach holds a lot of significant ties and memories for us...not to mention it is the very place that brought Jamas down to one knee a lil over a month ago.

Mateo loved it

And...hearts a thumping for me...we decorated for Halloween...HOWEVER...we did have to hold back a bit this year because we do have to host a reception here in THREE WEEKS...WOWOWOWOWOW!!!

I love my banners

Bella's the pumpkin next to her fluffy ballet skirt..

La Cocina

My Halloween do I love thee!

And this Handsome kid...I had to throw him in somehow...this poor kid was literally in his room all weekend working on homework and a science project....8th grade is no joke!!!!!!


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  1. you forgot to mention you saw me at the swapmeet ;)