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Monday, October 17, 2011


 When Johnny was right about Mateo's age...amybe a tad older I took him to Dunk's Barbershop for his 1st ever haircut...he was sooo cute sat there so still and observant...great day..lovely memory...the stylist was a tall older man..looked like he stepped right out of a classic movie..wonderful.  With that said let me share our Mateo's experience...we took him for his 1st ever cut this weekend...and was interesting.....

I was suckered into this place because of the cute novelty car chair (which proved to be a pain/death trap)!  Notice everyone is happy...about to begin..

Just like big brother Teo was a good boy...sat very still and was enthralled with it all...

Oh but wait...let me introduce you to his hairdresser..her name is CHATTING CATHY..and  let's just say Chatting Cathy liked to :)  I don't think she remembered that she had a 9 month old at her station because she was gossiping as if he were a weekly regular in to get his roots retouched.  Notice Jamas was so funny to watch...the woman would not took 20 min...when it should have taken at the most 5 min!

Bella mourning Mateo's cut curl...son't worry we saved it!

But at the end of the day...chatting cathy...although VERY  VERY CHATTING...she cut good hair!

I know...I know...horrible picture...but I guess Chatting Cathy is also known as CATHY CAN'T TAKE PICTURES too!  :)
I laugh at Jamas face...he was exhausted after that session! hahahahaha


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