Mavens With Moustaches

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Love of my Life.

If you follow me on this blog you would know a lot about me...not everything...but  alot.
You would know that I got married and became a mommy at a very young age..
You would know that I had a TOTALLY different plan for my life that was completly derailed when a lil angel named Johnny blessed my life.
You would know that I married  John way too early to realize he was not meant to be my husband but my friend for life instead.
You would know that I have also been blessed with 2 more angels named Isabella and Mateo
You would know that I live for the true and simple in life..I'm not fussy..and I am a hopeless romantic
You would know that I am a loyal friend and once my heart has accepted will be there forever
You would know that I have been betrayed by many people who I once called friend
You would know that I went through some really tough years only to come out of them a much stronger and wiser woman
And would know...that a couple of years ago...I met the LOVE OF MY soulmate...the man I am honored to call my own.

I am humbly grateful that my Jamas came into my life....that he found me...fell inlove with me...and never let me go.

Mr. Jamas Bryan...I am so honoed that in just 2 days...I will officially be your MRS.



  1. you know, you're gonna have to change the "faux hubby" title above the picture of you two real, real soon. cuz youz gonna seal the deal in 2 days! omg! super excited for you two:)

  2. Congratulations Maria! So happy for you XOXO