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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hip Hip Hooray It's OCTOBER!!!!

AHHHH....the month of do I love Thee!!!!!  I have always loved this month...Pumpkins...chai lattes...making the kids costumes (and by making I mean driving to Party City and buying them.. :))....watching Halloween Movies...visiting EVERY pumpkin Patch within a 100 mile radius...I love it all...and this year it's extra special because it's our bunnies first halloween outside the tummy with us...AND..I'm going to marry my LOVE!

 Surprise movie parties for the kids afterschool...Shrek could I resist...
 Look at those Happy Faces....
Becoming Mrs. James Bryan
My brand new Fall-ish Hat

Enjoying Skirt days at Ballet class with Bella Bear

Watching this kid become more and more curious and playful

Enjoying Mateo's new fuzzy Fallish Hat

Watching these two snuggle..sometimes to Bears dismay

Finding sweet lil drawings like this by my biggest boy

I am so very happy and excited for these fantastic 31 days of October


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  1. i love october too! it's a busy month for us, but i love every minute of it! now show me the pumpkin patch!