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Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Sweet Jamas...Happy Father's Day

I have been blessed....that I was fortunate enough to find the love of my life..the only man dorky enough to get me and at the same time love me for it!  I enjoy my life with him so much...and to watch him be a father is an absolute delight and honor.  Jamas became a father before this past December 21 when our Mateo was born...he happily embraced Johnny and Isabella as his children with his entire heart...he loves them so much and they love him.  I never fully could understand or needed to understand the love of a step parent...the idea that you can embrace kids into not only your life but into your heart...into your soul...knowing that you would give anything and do anything for these beings.  I thought this could only be clear and possible on the day they were born put in your arms and felt through your entire body....but I was wrong.  I have been taught by my own kids and Jamas that unconditional love can be born through time...that the blood that runs through your veins does not have to match in order to love in this manner...I have been pleasently schooled in the act of love with no rules.  And with that said...I am also grateful that eventhough Big John and I were not meant to be together as a married couple for life...we are meant to be together as a parenting couple for life...happily for life.  I celebrate these 2 men today on this Father's Day...being grateful that my kids have 3 parents that love them intensly...deeply...and unconditionally.

We spent another great weekend together....and this one was all about our Papa was filled with a lot of fun...and...a very important first that we all have been waiting for...especially was Mateo's first time in the pool!!!!!!

We all had so much fun in the pool...even I got in..MIRACLE!  And I think Mateo is part fish because he loved it so was crazy funny!  We ended the night eating Al Fresco and by candlelight outside ...Jamas was so happy...and it's all that we all wanted to see on this day.  I love him for so many of the biggest is that he is truely happiest when we are together at home...just being together...nothing fancy...just us..and he will look at me with that sparjle in his eye and tell me how happy he is...he melts my heart everytime...and he doesnt even have to utter the words...i can feel his happiness...the same way I feel Johnny's happiness when he performs...the same way I feel Bella' happiness when she dances...and the same way I feel Mateo's happiness when he pulls the socks of his feet.

Then the next morning we were lucky to find out that Grandpa "Houndog" Bryan was driving to Hollywood..."West" Hollywood that is to see a friends band perform....what great timing...because Jamas got to spend Father's Day with his daddy...and it was great.  The greatest part was that the show was in West Hollywood at the we met up there and enjoyed a lovely strol and lunch.  West Hollywood is so great to walk many artsy and whimsical nooks and crannys...and the homes there are sooooo cute...everywhere we looked was a cuter house and cuter house and cuter house.
We had to leave the Houndog behind as we headed home to wrap up a wonderful weekend relaxing and snuggling on our comfy couch!  I hope you all had a GREAT Fathers Day Weekend as well...until next time!

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