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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Heart goes Pitter Patter....Home Edition

You would think I was 9 months pregnant the way I have been obsessivly NESTING like CRAZY....I am grateful to share a home with my amazing kids and phenomenal man....and am blessed that he puts up with my craziness and fixations with our home...but I think he secretly loves it.  I have so enjoyed slowly but surely making our house into a home....I thought I would share a couple corners of our abode that are currently making my heart go pitter patter...
This lovely that helps me finish my wash in 1 load versus the 5 loads are old one would take...Im not exaggerating!
Walking into a room a seeing a crib....we are so blessed to have our baby Mateo!
Seeing Bella's ballet tutus hanging all over her space....she is ALWAYS dancing!
Seeing how much Johnny is enjoying his new chalk wall!!!!
Glancing over at this corner...where Jamas's baby rocking chair waits for Mateo to be able to use it...and yes that is a Djembe drum serving its purpose as an end table.
Fresh Sunflowers the first thing I see when I walk into the living room.
My heart almost burst with excitment when Jamas walked in the house the other day with this in his hands for me.....I LOVE THIS MAN....HE IS MY SOULMATE!!!!!!!  Gumball machine over flowers ANYDAY!!
                                                                    Bear's snack jar...

 The kids snack jars...

And Finally...our green sink with matching dish soap.

I am a simple gal...give me my kids to Jamas to smooch...and a gumball machine and I am a happy girl!

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