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Thursday, June 9, 2011

ER and no's ok...I got my Jamas...much better!

So my day started off great as always with this staring back at me as I slowly and reluctendly opened my heavy eyelids...
This lil cherub just glancing over at me can usually shoot me out of bed...but today I was in PAIN!!!! 
I had benn aching for the past few days...but today I felt like a mac truck hit me dead on!!!  This would be the part where I would be inserting the picture of me a few hours later laying in a bed in the ER that I ended up in...but I wont do that...because the only picture I have of this exciting boob aka BABY BOTTLE is out for the world to see...because not only was I in pain...but it was dinner time for our bambino...GOOD TIMES!  We arrived at the same hospital I delivered Tao in....whole different kinds of fun!  We walked in...and yes...I was in pain...true pain...but I knew I was about to have to lay it on thick with the dramatics in order to put a rush on it...please consider that I was DYING...and had a 5 month old with me who literally eats like a competative eater!  AAAANNNNDDD not to mention the mere thought of having a baby in an ER waiting room makes me want to get up right now wake him up and bathe him again!!!  And again....And again....and use some salt scrubs...and bath again...Again...again!  Once I was in that checking in chair I let the subtle yet believeable tears start rolling o so slowly down my cheeks...quiet sobbing and aching (at this point I was just waiting for Billy Crystal to walk in with my Oscar...didn't happen) and so all these tactics...did it work?  HECK NO...we had to wait in the (dry heave) waiting room with Granny coughing on one side and Susie Q on the other ailing who knows what!  But no...I was not bitter.. ;)..we waited and thanks to Mateo's flirting with the nurses we were out of there within the hour...woo hoo!!!

I felt much better today...amazing what todays medicine can do...I personally am not a huge supporter of drugs being the solution to all that ailes you...I'm kinda that hippie ORGANIC FOOD ONLY...NO ANTIBIOTICS mommy...BUT.....HUGE BUT.....Thank you Mr Doctor who invented the medicine that stopped my pain yesterday!  So I wasn't feeling 100% today...but these things helped a lot:
Johnny putting this hat on in the middle of the store to make me smile...IT WORKED...

This heavenly cupcake Krystyna from MADE WITH LOVE cupcakes made...I literally had to praise the Lord for was that good!

This hunk staying home to take care of me....

And this lil Mommy helping me out with EVERYTHING around the house...especially taking care of her lil brother!

Ok....I'm taking 2 tylenol and going to sleep before Jamas walks in here and catches me blogging instead of you!

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