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Thursday, June 16, 2011

End of the school year madness!

Summer is I sit here alone on my couch typing the title END OF SCHOOL YEAR....I am overwhelmed how FAST time flies!  My Johnny will be an 8th grader next sweet lil Johnny that I can remember snuggling when he was as lil as our Mateo...I remember dropping him of for his first day of preschool and sitting in the parking lot crying my eyes out...and couple years later doing the same with Our Bella Bear who will be a 5th grader next year!  I also am amazed that in just a few days Mateo will be 6 MONTHS OLD...Am I greedy baby hogger to say I already miss and want a newborn it greedy baby hog...or crazy mama head?  Either way I SOOOO enjoyed holding my friends 2 month old today and listen to her lil squeals.  And as much as I have enjoyed watching my kids grow...and teaching them along the way....part of me wants to freeze time ..snuggle them up in my arms and never let them go. But here we go no looking back...tomorrow I will officially be the mommy of an 8th grader...a 5th grader...and a bambino.

It's been a crazy couple of weeks...winding the crazy routine filled weeks of driving to and fro Ballet Chinese and music classes....attending their end of school year concerts and recietals and games....its like being in a crazy storm and waiting for it to clear.  I look forward to sleeping in or atleast letting the kids sleep in...making them yummy warm breakfasts...watching them swim....riding bikes...not rushing in the evening to finish homework, eat dinner, and get ready for bed!  i love being able to just absorb every single lazy filled summer moment.

But before we indulge in our summer goodness...i must ride this crazy storm out....a bright silver lining this week was getting to volunteer in Bella's class this week and do a lil summer project that was inspired my Meg over at the WHATEVER of my FAVORITES!!!!!!!  She made these fun wind catchers with her kiddos and i decided to modify them with a summer wish list on them to make them more of a 4th grader-ish project...they loved it and it was especially fun to list the summer list suggestions on the board that the kiddos were coming up with.  And in keeping with the Rainbow theme...we made them snowcones with fun and funky flavors.

 Bella's fabulous teacher Ms. Ballard was sweet enough to switch roles with me for an hour..I lead the class while she carried this lil bundle around...i lov her and am so sad that Bella must move on to a new teacher! :(

 Enjoying snowcones...
Enjoying their summer wish list craft...they loved it!
Bella and her BFF Emily were both repeated names we heard at the awards assembly....both Sara (Emily's mom) and I agee that we were proud of their honor roll awards and ribbon...but the most pitter patter award came when they both received the super helper award because of the numerous days they spent their recess helping others out.  Hold them up proudly are both gems.  Johnny also received his Honor roll awards but I am pulling the bad mommy card because I don't have a picture of him receiving it...but in my defense...I don't think it would be kosher for me to sneek into his class and snap a pictue of him receiving's not "cool". hehehe
If you look closly Bella is holding up a fake moustache to her face as she accepted her awards....she is such a goofball...and the funniest part she was totally straight if it was a serious part of her outfit.

So as we wrap up the school year...I take a huge deep breath...and I focus on making this a fun filled summer indulging in the summer goodness we can come up with (BTW...NOTE TO SELF...SHARE SUMMER LIST WITH YOU ALL MANANA!)  I have to SLOW DOWN...and literally smell te roses and listen to every word my kids utter every question they ask and every suggestion they give!  

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