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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pretty Pretzels

We are having so much fun knocking things off our Summer List that we might just have to add some thing we did add yesterday was making Homemade Pretzels.  We went to the movies and Bella wanted some pretzel bites..but because I just CANNOT justify paying $7 for stale and tasteless pretzel bites...and not to mention unhealthy (Lord only knows what they bake into those things) I told Bella "sorry...but NO CAN DO"...and that we would make some at home after the movie.  And let me tell you....yummy city!!!!
So easy to quick....and so delicious!!!! A million times better than the over priced stale cousins we left behind at the concession stand to these fluffy salty beauties!
 These were literally the only ingredients needed...and some warm water!  Love it!
4 cups of flour...1 Tablespoon sugar....1 Tablespoon salt...1 package of yeast...1.5 cups of warm water...1 egg for eg wash and some kosher salt to top them off.  Mix it all up in a bowl...knead on a floured surface...have a blast pulling and forming whatever shape you desire...egg wash them...and then pop those suckas into the oven at 425 degrees for 15 minutes.  I am not simplfying is actually that easy!
The kids can easily whip these up themselves....but it is so much fun to get messy with my Bella while the girls did this....
The boys did this....snuggletime!

Bon Appetite!

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