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Saturday, September 10, 2011

I survived the first day of school...and only needed 1 kleenex...

The rush of the morning...the sound of their hot cocoa brewing...the clang of their waffles snapping up in their warm yummy goodness...the sight of Bella rushing in and out of her room making some last minute  fashion tweeks to her carefully planned outfit...peeking into Johnny's room to watch him so dilegintly make his bed and tidy up his room..and at the 7:30 mark jummping in that car to drop Johnny off to 8th grade and then walking over to drop Bella Bear to 5th...everything clicked right back into routine..morningrun with the bambino and all...but then...I got home...and I didn't hear the sound of spongebob in the background...and I didn't hear Bella's cute voice requesting some fresh pancakes..and I didn't hear Johnny ask what the plan for the day was...and I didn't see the 3 of them playing together in their room..just then it hit me..SCHOOL IS BACK..SUMMER IS OVER...and I cried like a baby...but...I only had to use 1 kleenex.

I love you Johnny and Bella...Mateo and I will miss you so much from 7:30 til 2:30 everyday!

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