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Saturday, September 17, 2011

A-Z about ME.......

I'm having a lovely morning here in... NOW..FINALLY...sunny Huntington Beach...or I guess it's Sunset Beach...either way it's been great.  So here I am no sweet Mateo to climb on me...No Bella bear to ask me to do her nails..and No Johnny to ask me to make his 12th meal of the's just me and my laptop enjoying this beautiful I HAVE TO BLOG SOMETHING...ANYTHING. :)  I came across this cute A-Z list and thought I would give it a go!

A-Age: 33 however, I usually lie and shave a year or 2 off.
B-Bed Size: We have the big bad CALIFORNIA KING..and I kid you not I need a stool to get in it!
C- Chores I hate: I am weird...I have a nesting obsession so I do love all my chores!
D-Dogs: We have 1 adorable and LOVEABLE dog that we named Bear..we rescued him when Mateo was only 2 weeks dog ever..with the exception of his occasional antics..he is a German Shepard Golden Retriever mix.
E- Essential start of my day: Without a doubt..kisses from everyone...and my CHAI LATTE ofcourse!
F- Favorite Color:  The color of the sky and ocean...BLUE
G- Gold or Silver: I would have to say silver...but I do enjoy a bronzy vintage gold too.
H- Height: I'm proud to be vertically challenged at a petite 5'1"!
I- Instuments I play: Eventhough I gave birth to a musical prodigy (no joke) I actually do not play an instrument...I I guess I can say my voice is my instument. hahaha
J- Job title: Retired for a bit from one of the greatest jobs EVER..ABA Therapist working with children with autisum, owner of The Style Bandit...and the best job without a doubt MOMMY.
K- Kids: Johnny 13 and towering over me...Isabella 9 and dancing around me...Mateo 8 months and crawling all over me..and #4 currently in my prayers to join us soon.
L- Live: In Westminster, CA but i was born in San Jose, Costa Rica
M- Mother's maiden name: Araya..just like Slayers very own Tom Araya
N- Nicknames: Mariquita which means ladybug in spanish
O- Overnight hospital stays: 3...all for my C-section deliveries to my bambinos!
P- Pet Peeves- I might have too many..bad know the ones that take 2 spots up with a tiny car...and I loathe walking into my home if it's a mess!
Q- Quote you love: "Those who mind Don't matter..and those who matter Don't mind" - Dr. Suess
R- Right or Lefty: Lefty
S- Sandwich: Veggie with extra avocado
T- Time you wake up: these days it depends on Mr. Mateo...but usually around 6:45am.
U- Underwear: Depends on the outfit...hahahaha
V- Vegetable you hate: I LOVE VEGGIES...but I HATE...PEAS..yucko!
W- What makes you run late:  This lil woman names Bella always re-thinking her outfits ALWAYS make us run late!  But I have to admit...I LOVE that she loves fashion...I mean come on she is the daughter of THE STYLE BANDIT! hahahaha
X- Xrays I've had: Being one of the clumsiest people ever...might come as a surprise that I have never broken a the only xrays I've had are for teeth.
Y- Yummy food I make:  I have been told my  Shepards Pie is yummy and my Red Velvet Whoppie Pies are yummy.
Z- Zoo animal: I fell in love with the Hippo during our last visit to the San Diego Zoo this summer..she and her baby were so lovely!

Well there you have it....hope you enjoy it!

I want to send a big thank you for all who visited me today at my show...especially Fabulous Emilie and her wonderful Father.

Word around town is that my reader fanbase is growing which makes me soooooo happy...but if you guys actually sign up for yahoo and follow me than I can start some fun giveaways....soooo for the people who either comment of start following my blog....I will be giving away a special booble from THE STYLE BANDIT....hurry's going to be good!!!!

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