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Sunday, September 11, 2011

I remember...

It was September 11, 2001...I was very very pregnant with my sweet Lil Bella Bear and she kept me tired so this particular moring I indulged that Johnny was still fast asleep and I decided to do the same.  In my sleep I could hear the faint sound of the phone ringing but I ignored it...I heard it again...and again...and on the third attempt of someone obviously trying to wake me up...I waddled out of bed still half asleep and answered the phone only to be greeted by the FRANTIC voice of my Grandma calling all the way from Costa Rica...she said "Are you everything okay there"?  I answered back  "yes...everything is great...why?"  She replied "turn on your tv"....just then what I saw bright as the sun was the image of the plane going into the 2nd tower...right at that very second that I turned the tv on....that image paired with Matt Lauer and Katie Couric's voices.  All I could mutter to my grandma was that I was okay...and that I would call her back later.  I remember having no words....and just crying all morning long watching this horrific historical event unfold infront of the entire world.  The 2 planes...then the pentagon...then Pennsylvania...the predictions of what or where would be next....what part of our nation would erupt into flames...which cities, states, attractions were in the evil blueprint which had so methodically been mapped out for who knows how long.  To say it was a sad and somber day is a huge understatement...It seemed as if the entire world hibernated for plans...the stores were empty...the laughs were silenced...the plans were cancelled.  We as an entire nation were greiving together and healing together...and praying for the lost together...and BEAMING with pride for the heros together.  I will never forget that morning...I remember feeling every emotion sad for the victims, horrified for the unknown, stressed for the changes, relieved to have my Lil Johnny in my arms, fearful of welcoming our baby girl in a world so plauged by hate, and amazed that in such defeat...there was so much bravery, loyalty, and promise.

God Bless every Fire fighter, police officer, paramedic, father, mother, child, uncle, aunt, sister, brother, stranger, friend who lost their life, risked their life, and saved lives on this day.

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