Mavens With Moustaches

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Obsesso City

One of my new obsessions are missions...they are so pretty and chalk filled with history....I want to live in a mission...I want to wake up every morning to the sounds of bells chiming or whatever bells do...I want to roll around with Mr. Delicious Fatty baby in their gardens every day!  

It's funny that we visited the mission and then 3 days later Mr. Jamas got on 1 knee..very inspiring I guess! :)  But ironically it is serving for the inspiration to our quaint lil wedding that I am putting together in 6 weeks...thats right ladies and gents...6 weeks...but I'm not stressing...this will be: Little, Loved, and Meaningful!
 Mr. & Mrs. Dork
Mr. Handsome

 Lil Miss. Wonderful
Grandpa Awesome and Mister Fatty

 in the Garden

 Makes me so happy!
Hope he always looks at me this way!

God Bless...have a cozy Tuesday evening!


  1. Is it San Juan Capistrano mission? We got married at Holy Spirit but had our reception across the street from that mission at El Adobe and then stayed at the Mission Inn B&B next to the mission

  2. Yes Melissa it was San Juan. Bella went there for her 4th grade field trip so she wanted to take us back so she can give us a personal guided was great.